In brief [Archives:2007/1063/Local News]

June 28 2007

– Barriers built to prevent sea-water flow

SOCOTRA, June 27 ) In collaboration with a company building roads in the Island, Socotra Public Works Office is making sand and stone barriers and wave breakers along the coast of Hadibo city to prevent the flow of sea water into the houses.

This comes after the continuous threats of sea water to locals' houses and further in preparation for climate changes which might inundate Hadibo and such a step is taken as a preventive act.

– More support for modern farms in Hadramout

SAYUN, June 27 ) Hadramout governor Taha Hajer paid a visit to Hud Basiyud Farm in Sayun to know closely about the techniques adopted in the farm to produce rice.

Hadramout assured the local authority will provide the required support for such typical farms including modern techniques, hinting they will honor Hud Basiyud in recognition of his efforts in developing a number of crops.

Basiyud told he has been working over the last period in his farm, reaching five acres, to develop new types of wheat and further managed to produce modified types of other crops like dates and some fruits and vegetables.

– Finger Print and photo identification system launched in Ibb

IBB, June 26 ) Minister of Civil Service and Social Insurances Khalid Hamoud al-Sufi launched on Monday biological finger print and photo identification system which targets over 45,000 public servants in the governorate within 29 units of public and mixed sectors.

Al-Sufi told media outlets the implementation of finger prints and photo system aims to improve the performance of the general administration in Yemen as well as creating a capable administrative system.

He added his ministry's priorities include terminating the existing randomness, job duality, and other wrong acts.

– Crimes on increase in Sana'a

SANA'A, June 27 ) A report issued recently by the Social Affairs Committee of Sana'a Local Council attributed the rise of the crime rates to the increased unemployment among youth, hinting a noticeable increase in crimes has been recorded over the last few months.

The total number of crimes recorded over the first half of 2007 reached 3629, including 175 non-criminal crimes; while the terrific accidents reached 1743. Terrific infringements recorded during the same period amounted to 139,915.

– Saifna Festival to be staged in Sana'a and Taiz

SANA'A, June 27 ) Preparations are underway and Seasons Foundation is adding the final touches before the inauguration of the grandest Inshad festival in the whole Arab area.

The festival is to be attended by famous Arab Munshideen including Kuawiti Ahmed Al-Hajeri, Jordanian Ashraf Yousuf, Syrian Yahya Hawa, and Iraqi Mohammed Al-Azawi, together with Yemeni Abdulqadder Qawz'a and Ameen Hamim. It will be staged in Sana'a-based Fun City over the period July 18 to 20 and moves to Taiz later on.

Chairman of the board of Directors of Seasons Foundations Omar Al-Zindani assured this year's festival will be the best and will enjoy wide coverage by local and foreign media.

– Terrific traffic Accident kills ten citizens in Al-Hodeidah

AL-HODEIDAH, June 27 ) A horrible terrific accident in Al-Hodeidah's Bajel caused the death of ten citizens. The accident took place when a big track hit a Peugeot car at the northern entrance of Bajel city. The ten citizens boarding the Peugeot died immediately. Reckless driving and speed were blamed for the accident.