In brief [Archives:2007/1065/Local News]

July 5 2007


Two new private newspapers

July 3 ) The Ministry of Information has licensed the publication of two new private newspapers. Al-Ahali whose editor in Chief is Ali Al-Jaradi, former editor in chief of Al-Nass newspaper, and Yara to be run by Arwa Ahmed Al-Gharafi.

According to the Ministry's records, it has licensed 19 publications since the beginning of the year.

First online audio broadcast channel

July 4 ) The Yemeni Youth Union, in cooperation with the international organization Youth Development Initiative “Naseej”, started the fist step in creating a radio broadcast for Yemeni youth. This step was a training program on how to create the online radio station in which 15 young trainees participated.

The online station is the first of its kind in Yemen and the third in the Arab world. It will focus on youth cultural, social, health and sport issues. It is hoped that this channel would be converted to an FM in the future.


Aden theatre in Cairo

July 3 ) Fifteen members from Aden Theatre Association are designated to participate in the regional theatre festival to be carried out in Cairo – Egypt September this year. The participants will be flying to Cairo soon to participate in the trail of the festival with a play called “No” talking about the environmental pollution, the Ozone layer depletion and the global warming issues in the world.

Retired soldiers carry a peaceful sit in

July 2 ) Retired civil and military servants carried out a peaceful sit-in in Lowder district of Aden governorate protesting the difficult financial conditions of the retired soldiers. Apparently, they accuse influential people of manipulating their records and accused them of taking their money.


Lightning kills 3, injures 7

July 2 ) A lightning bolts hit a group of people in Al-Qafr district in Ibb governorate last Friday and takes the life of three while injuring 7 more in another area called Bani Mubariz. Since the beginning of this year, thunderstorms caused the death of 17 people in Hajja and Al-Mahwait governorates near Ibb.


Defending women's rights

July 4 – Defending women's rights has reached the remote island of Socatra through the Yemeni Women Union Branch in the island. In a seminar on women's rights in education, health care, and other issues, as well as the risks of early marriage, active women lobbied for their rights and created an advocacy action plan for spreading the awareness in the society regarding women's rights in the various sectors of life.


Community based organisations discuss poverty

July 3 – The Islah Charity branch in Taiz organized a discussion on the Poverty Reduction Startegy funded by Oxfam. With the participation of 53 community based organsiations and public association, the participants analysed the strategy and their role as civil society in particular in order to reduce poverty in Yemen. The discussion resulted in creating a steering committee made of four males and three females of the civil society leaders in Taiz. They will provide proposals to Oxfam-GB to translate the proposal into actual projects targeting poverty in the governorate.