In brief [Archives:2007/1072/Local News]

July 30 2007


Culture caravan to endorse national unity

July 28 ) The Yemeni Writers Union has launched its third caravan this year but this time from Aden and Lahj. The caravan, in which seventy writers and poets from Aden and Lahj participated, headed towards Taiz and Ibb last Saturday. The caravan is accompanied by artistic and folklore groups and will carry out cultural activities and performances in Taiz and Ibb this week. The first of the events took place at Sabir Mountain in Taiz and aims at endorsing feelings of national unity and cultural exchange between the various regions of the country.

25 tons of raisins and ginger destroyed

July 29 ) The plant protection office in Aden affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture seized 24 tons of imported ginger and one ton and 350 kilograms of imported raisins because of not being suitable for human consumption.

Marketing skills for women

July 29 ) Organized by the Social Fund for development, 30 women from the Fund's branch in Aden started a two -week training on marketing management. The trainees will be skilled on marketing concepts and techniques, as well as gathering information regarding price, location, and branding among other factors that lead to a successful business. They will also learn about direct marketing and sales communication with respect to dealing with clients and attracting customers. The skills will add to the Fund's effectiveness in assisting poor men and women in the community in handling the white loans provided by the fund to help the poor generate a new source of income.


Industry and commerce employees trained

July 29 ) Nineteen of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce office employees in Shabwa are receiving training at the National Center for Administrative Sciences in Aden. The participants will be trained on project planning, monitoring, and evaluation. This training is a part of a whole reform program for government employees around the Republic to develop their management and administrative skills and equip them with modern techniques.


Book exhibition in Dhamar

July 29 ) As a part of the first As'ad Al-Kamel cultural festival in Dhamar, the deputy governor inaugurated a book exhibition in the city. Eleven publishing houses participate in the exhibition with a total of 7,200 unique titles. The exhibition takes place at Al-Baradouni Library and includes publications on various fields.


Oil, wood and corn come to Yemen

July 28 ) Hudeidah port received five commercial ships on Saturday carrying 39 thousand and 535 tons of oil, corn and wood, in addition to a number of containers. The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Establishment reported that “Yemen Oil 17” and “Yemen Oil 11” Ships arrived Saturday carrying 16 thousand and 897 tons of oil, while Ship “Yukazo” arrived carrying 19 thousand and 954 tons of corn. Also in the same day Ship “Tiger Wave” carried 406 containers carrying various goods.


Official visit to review conditions of historical sites

July 28 ) The Media, Culture, and Tourism committee at the Parliament has started field visits in Marib and Al-Jawf in order to review the conditions of historical sites in the area and discuss with local authorities what can be done to improve the situation. The committee is exercising its monitoring role in ensuring effectiveness.