In brief [Archives:2007/1079/Local News]

August 23 2007


– Qawwali performance night

Aug 22 ) Renowned Indian Artiste Mr. Mohammed Ahmed & Group will give a Qawwali music performance (traditional form of Islamic / Sufi music) at the Yemeni Cultural Centre on Friday August 24 at 07:30 PM.

The event is organized by the Indian embassy on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of India's Independence and under the patronage of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

– UN vacancies for Yemeni citizens

Aug 22 ) Vacancies dedicated for Yemeni nationals are announced at the UN's website

Deadline for applications is Oct. 31 and interviews for the short list will start in February 2008.

– Inmates enrol in university

Aug 22 ) Fourteen inmates confined at the central prison in Sana'a have registered in law and arts colleges at Sana'a University. The enrolment comes as a result of cooperation between the Prison Authority and the Ministry of Education in order to rehabilitate the inmates and provide them with better opportunities to integrate in the society once they are out.


– 20 children educated on violence against children

Aug 22 – Shawthab Foundation for children organized a workshop, started last Monday, to educate 20 school pupils between ages 11 and 18 on the violence against children, for three days.

How to deal with media, interventions, and how to get psychological help were among the topics discussed in the workshop, which was sponsored by Save the Children – Sweden and included students from 18 schools.


– Deaf and dumb computer training

Aug 21 ) Eighteen deaf and dumb locals in Lahj governorate received a training on computer applications for two weeks. The training, which was organized by the head of the deaf and dumb association in Lahj, assisted these disadvantaged people in coping with everyday life and becoming productive elements in the society.


– How to fight terrorism

Aug 21 ) Fighting terrorism from the Yemeni experience was the title of a seminar in Marib Law College last week. Security officers and anti-terrorism specialists participated in the seminar which was attended by academics, teachers, and students from the city. The seminar came as one of the activities the Yemeni government is organizing in order to contain any terrorist attacks similar to the one that happened few months ago in Marib targeting Spanish tourists.


– Fire consumes warehouse

Aug 21 ) One of the main warehouses of Dadiyah Commercial Group in Dhamar governorates was consumed by a huge fire last Monday morning and caused a financial loss over 22 million Yemeni Riyals. Police is still investigating the causes of the fire, which luckily did not cause any human injuries.


– Precautionary measures to prevent increase in gas prices

Aug 22 ) Al-Esea establishment which is the only agent in Socatra Island for gas, Petrol, and Diesel supplies are currently carrying out monitoring visits to the retailers in order to ensure that there is no manipulation of gas prices taking place in the island. Currently, the visits are so important because of the advent of the holy month of Ramdan, when the demand for these items increase significantly.