In brief [Archives:2007/1107/Local News]

November 29 2007

– Arab delegations arrive for administrative leaders meeting

Nov. 27 ) Several Arab delegations participating in a seventh meeting of administrative leaders have arrived in Sana'a. The leaders expect the conference to yield recommendations and decisions that contribute to building Arab-Arab cooperation in administrative development.


– Studies to establish 400-KVA electrical line

Nov. 27 ) Preparations for studies regarding a 400-KVA electrical line between Marib and Abyan have begun between Abyan Governor Mohammed Saleh Shamlan and the head of a French team working there.

The team head briefed Shamlan on current arrangements for the studies, noting that the electrical line will extend from Marib governorate and Balhaf, Shabwa governorate to Abyan governorate's Jaar city.


– Yemen-China economic, cultural cooperation discussed

Nov. 27 ) Aden local council Secretary-General Abdulkarim Shayef held talks on Monday with a delegation from the Chinese Communist Party currently visiting Yemen regarding economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries and how to boost them, as well as exchange expertise in local administration.

Shayef reviewed developmental projects implemented within Aden's infrastructure, its Free Zone and its Containers Terminal, in addition to the merits and facilitations for investors included under Yemeni investment law.


– Workshop to qualify female teachers

Nov. 27 ) A two-day workshop to qualify female teachers to reduce illiteracy among mothers was launched in Amran governorate, with some 25 participants being lectured on skills to teach illiteracy classes.

The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, supported the workshop, in cooperation with the governorate's branch of the illiteracy body.


– Refrigerator explodes in Dhamar

Nov. 27 ) Four people – two men and two women – were killed and several others injured in Dhamar governorate Monday when a refrigerator used to preserve bananas exploded. Dhamar's Civil Defense Director Ahmad Al-Azab said the incident occurred at 2 a.m. due to a gas leakage, high pressure and electrical failure inside the refrigerator.

An investigation is ongoing to determine more about the reasons for the accident.


– Mahwit penitentiary qualifies 85 prisoners

Nov. 27 ) Abdu Ahmed Al-Hadad, director of Mahwit governorate's central prison, reports that the prison has qualified approximately 85 prisoners for various classes.

Yemen's Interior Ministry is seeking to qualify and develop prisoners' skills, both practically and morally, so they may return to society as good citizens.


– Rebels pledge respect for the law

Nov. 27 ) Some 483 rebels from Al-Saifi and Al-Abqor regions in Sa'ada governorate's Sahar district have announced their respect for Yemeni law and ending their rebellion. In a meeting with Sa'ada Governor Mutahar Al-Masri, sheikhs and citizens from Sahar district promised to halt any criminal or terrorist acts and return to being good citizens.

Al-Masri welcomed the announcement, noting that those individuals will return to their homes safely and receive all of their rights, in addition to having their names removed from wanted lists and any criminal investigations.