IN Brief [Archives:2008/1152/Local News]

May 5 2008

PM launches 1st phase of electronic network project of linking courts

Prime Minister Ali Mujawar along with minister of justice Ghazi al-Aghbari launched on Saturday first phase of the electronic network project of linking between courts in seven governorates.

The project aims at linking between courts in Sana'a capital and other courts in Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, Hodeidah, Sana'a, Jawf governorates.

The network would facilitate works of the judicial inspection in following up cases in these governorates, the minister of justice said.

He added said that the network would enhance performance of the courts and preserve documents of the judiciary.


NENARACA regional conference to be held in Yemen next week

The secretary general of the Near East-North Africa Regional Agricultural Credit Association Muhammad Rashrash Khadher arrived on Friday in Yemen to take part in the regional conference of the association member states to be held on 5-8 May in Sana'a.

Rashrash said the conference will deal with the recommendations and decisions produced at the 16th meeting of the general assembly as well as approving the report of the executive council on the association's past improvements.

Under the conference a symposium with the theme ” rural finance: towards new horizons” is to be held.

Rashrash said holding such conference contributes to boosting relations among participating countries since it provides them with the opportunity to swap experiences and information as well as familiarizing with successful experiences of countries.

Security seize four ancient manuscripts

Yemeni security services have confiscated four ancient manuscripts of the holiest Book of Quran while a person was trying to sell them in a market of the Old City of Sana'a.

Security sources said to the state-run that the seized manuscripts were handwritten more than 150 years ago.

Security services arrested the accused person whom will be investigated and the four ancient manuscripts have been seized.

Seven days in custody for French man smuggling ancient antiques

The prosecution of Antique Protection decided to keep the French man Ives Albert, 58 year-old, seven days in custody for investigation after accusing him of smuggling rare antique pieces.

The security authorities at Sana'a International Airport have captured a French man attempting to smuggle a number of bronze statues and ancient antique coins.

The man working for a petroleum company was coming from Belhaf area of Shabwa province on a private plane belongs to the company, the director general of Antique Protection at the General Organization of Antiques and Museum (GOAM) Hisham al-Thawr stated to Saba.

He added that the concerned bodies have taken the requisite procedures against this man, thanking all the authorities who cooperate with the GOAM in combating smuggling, possessing and trading Yemeni antiquities.

“This is the third time we seized workers for this company with such crime” al-Thawr made clear, calling for more control on the oil companies working in Yemen and its transport means they use.

European cultural week launched in Sana'a

The European Commission in Sana'a launched on Saturday an European cultural week under the slogan “Festival of cultures meeting”.

In a press conference, charge d'affaires of the European commission Michele Cervone D'urso affirmed the importance of raising the EU's support to Yemen which is estimated $30 million per year.

D'urso added that the European Union's support to Yemen was according to a strategic signed between the two sides to strengthen good governance, human rights, health, agriculture, irrigation and activating the role of civil society organizations.

Meanwhile, the European culture week aims to extend cooperation between Europe countries and Yemen and it will include several activities, a cooking week, European Football Cup for schools and lectures about European culture to be delivered by a number of European diplomats in Yemen as well as launching Natalie Press Freedom prize for 2008.

Social affairs ministry to organize symposium on immigration in Sana'a

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is organizing in cooperation with International Organization for Migration (IOM) a symposium on immigration for period from 11th to 12th May in Sana'a.

In a statement to Saba, Ahmed al-Washali, director of the organizations and foreign cooperation in the ministry said that the symposium would discuss 12 papers presented by Yemeni side and other

three papers would be presented by IOM experts.

Al-Washali said that the symposium would discuss past, present and future of Yemeni immigration and progress of international dialogue over the immigration.

Around 22 embassies and organizations would take part in the symposium, he added.


Yemeni MP calls on government to declare Socotra new province

A Yemeni parliamentary has called on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to declare officially the Socotra archipelago located in the Gulf of Aden as a new province instead a district of Hadramout province.

Saeed Ba-Haqiba said that the declaration of Socotra as a province of the country would grant it further attention from the government in the fields of economic and social development.

Ba-Haqiba pointed out the demand meets with many requirements and development projects and services archipelago needs.


Oral cancer records 53% in Hodeidah

Director of National Foundation for Combating Cancer Abdullah Omeir in Hodeidah said that Hodeidah province is the first province effected with oral cancer.

He added during the inauguration of an awareness campaign on tobacco that oral cancer reached 53% compared to other cancer diseases in the province, pointing out that 300 people are affected with this cancer.


Police arrest dangerous drugs trader

Police have arrested a dangerous drugs trader, 26 September weekly reported on Thursday.

The weekly quoting a reliable source said that the man identified as M.M. H. is accused of drugs trading and hidden in Yemen for four years. The source said that this man has links with international tourist organizations.

The arrest comes within security coordination between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.


Singaporean oil tanker carrying diesel arrives in Aden

A Singaporean oil tanker carrying 80.000 metric tones of diesel substance arrived on Saturday in the Aden port.

The tanker came from the UAE Fujairah city's port.

A source at the port said the diesel would be distributed to fuel stations across the country and under the supervision of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals.

A Bahamian oil tanker last week, that came from one of Saudi Arabia's ports, loaded about 55.000 metric tones of diesel in the port. The shipment has been distributed to fuel stations across Yemen.