In Brief [Archives:2008/1160/Local News]

May 2 2008


– SNACC to show 1st Corruption Cases National Survey's results

The Supreme National Authority for Competing Corruption (SNACC) is to organize Sunday a workshop on the initial results of the first National Survey for Corruption Cases in Yemen.

The workshop aims to discuss the initial outcomes of the first corruption survey in Yemen carried out in cooperation with World Bank.

A number of experts will take part in the workshop representing the Central Organization for Controlling and Audit (COCA), Supreme Tender Committee, Anti-Money Laundering Unit at the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY), ministries of justice, interior, planning and Sana'a University.

– Diplomat's Spouse Association supports children emergency unit

Arab and Foreign Diplomat's Spouse Association in Yemen affirmed in its meeting on Saturday support for equipping unit of children emergency in Al-Kuwait University Hospital in Sana'a.

In a statement to Saba, chairwomen of Children Emergency Section in the hospital Hala al-Kherbash said that Unit of Children Emergency was introduced recently including the latest apparatuses, equipment and medical services aimed at providing excellent emergency services for children, pointing out that equipment provided by the association cost around $55 thousand.


– Presidential orders to release 75 prisoners in Aden

Upon directions from President Ali Abdullah Saleh,75 prisoners, among of them four women have been released after finishing three quarters of the period of their imprisonment.

Governor of Aden Adnan al-Jefry, who attended release ceremony along with Human Right Minister Huda Al-Ban, clarified that according to president's directions, the government had paid the YR 1,939000 worth rights prisoners have been sentenced to pay to others.

Al-Jefry stated to Saba that prisoners' release is a pardon from the president on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Yemen's reunification.


– Eritrean pirates seize Yemeni boats in international waters

Eritrean pirates have seized in the last few days five Yemeni boats in the Red Sea, the GPC-run has reported.

Governor of Hodeida province Ahmed Salim al-Jabali ordered the competent authorities to recover the boats as soon as possible and according to effective laws. Al-Jabali also urged the authorities to put an end to the pirate attacks against Yemeni boats.

Yemeni fishermen usually suffer from baseless confiscation of their boats by Eritrean coastguards who used to take away Yemeni boats in the international waters and deport Yemeni fishermen violently.

Yemeni fishermen face many risks while coming back home after being held by Eritreans.

– Total launches scholarship program for Yemenis

The French Oil Total company has announced a new scholarship program that will enable Yemenis to study abroad.

General Manager of the company in Yemen Martin Deffontaines told Saba that the scholarships would be granted to Yemeni nationals across the country.

Deffontaines added that the program includes five undergraduate scholarships for Yemeni youth, three intensive diplomas for junior engineers from the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, and two Master's level scholarships for students from the Institute of Diplomacy.

Such program comes to strengthen ties between the company and Yemen, he said.

Last March, the French company celebrated production of 100 million barrels during its 20 years work in Yemen.

Total is one of the biggest investors in Yemen, and also runs programs to facilitate access to clean water, electricity, healthcare, and education in the Shabwa and Hadramout governorates, where the company runs extensive operations.