In Brief [Archives:2008/1181/Local News]

August 14 2008


– National Programs review achievements to fight AIDS, TB, Malaria

The three National Programs for Fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria presented here on Monday their accomplishment reports for the projects sponsored by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM).

In a meeting headed by Minister of Public Health and Population Abdul Karim Rase'a, the National Committee of the GFATM reviewed also a report offered by the Anti-AIDS Unit at the National Population Council during the period January – June 2008.

The minister accentuated the ministry's readiness to provide all assistance to overcome obstacles that hinder realizing the desired goals supported by the GFATM.

During the meeting that was attended by Human Rights Minister Huda al-Ban and the Portfolio Manager for the Middle East and South East Asia of the GFATM Mrs. Hind Khatib, Rase'a voiced the gratitude of the Yemeni leadership and people to the Fund assistance that helps the country to fight these fatal diseases.


– Siraj program in Lahj discussed

Governor of Lahj Mohsen al-Naqib held Monday talks with coordinator of Siraj, affiliate of the International Organization for Child and Youth Care in Yemen, Sabah Badri on a number of subjects related to the conditions of childhood in the province.

The governor was briefed objectives of Siraj program and its mession.

The meeting also dealt with the ongoing preparations for the celebration of the World Youth Day 2008 which will be held on Tuesday, in Kharaz camp for refugees, funded by Siraj.

Al-Naqib praised role of Siraj program towards positive initiative for youths because of their potential and capabilities which make them active members in the society.

It's worth to mention that the initiative of Siraj program was launched by Save the Children and is funded by he USAID. It is implemented in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations and is focused on young people in five Arab countries Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine.


– Economic feasibility study on industrial rocks in Yemen

A delegation from the World Bank WB is currently conducting an economic feasibility study on industrial rocks in Yemen that would be presented to the bank president in June, 2009, to decide if the bank will support Yemen in this field.

Upon arrival in the Aden airport, head of the delegation, the bank official in charge of the oil and gas and minerals sector Alexandra Pugachevsky said the delegation will be briefed on the Aden-branch Geological Survey and Minerals Authority activities and studies on industrial rocks in the country such as calcareous, construction and ornamental rocks as well as considering the possibility of investing in this area. The authority in collaboration with the German Technical Cooperation GTZ started in last year preparing a comprehensive study on the industry of natural rock in Yemen, cooperation which came according to a memorandum of understanding signed between Yemen and Germany. Yemen is rich with color marble rocks that contain 23 kinds and that could be produced in large quantities as well as solid granite and gabbro that contain 32 kinds.