In Brief [Archives:2009/1227/Local News]

January 22 2009


– Seven ships, oil tankers arrive in Hodeidah seaport

Seven ships and oil tankers arrived in Hodeidah seaport during the past three days carrying 32,188 tons of oil derivatives and wheat.

The oil tankers carried about 13,950 tons of oil and 4,917 tons of fuel oil.

The ships unloaded about 13,321 tons of wheat, while four other ships carried nearly 940 containers full of goods and other materials.

– Yemeni navy seizes Egyptian boat

The Yemeni navy has seized an Egyptian boat that was fishing illegally in the country's territorial waters, the state-run has reported.

A source at the navy told the website the boat was captured in the Ras Eassa area in the Red Sea.

24 Egyptian fishermen were seized on board the boat, the source said.

This month, the navy seized four Egyptian boasts while illegally fishing in Yemen's waters, the source said.

Last year, a Yemeni court fined three Egyptian boats $ 150.000 that were held hunting fish illegally in the Yemeni waters.

However, the boats were released with fish on board to the captains.

Yemen and Egypt signed last year an agreement under which Egyptian fishing boats have to get license from Yemeni authorities to fish in the Yemeni waters.

Before the signing, an Egyptian fishing boat attacked a Yemeni coastguard patrol in the Red Sea killing a coastguard and injuring another.

In response to the attack, Yemen intensified measures over foreign fishing in its waters imposing a ban on Egyptian boats in particular.


– 31,000 tons of iron, cement unloaded at Aden port

About 31,853 tons of iron and cement were unloaded in Mualla docks at Aden port on Monday, navigation sources at the port said.

The navigation sources added that the unloaded quantities include 27,838 tons of iron and 4,105 tons of cement, pointing that these quantities belong to the national developmental and investprojects which are currently under work in Aden province.

– Department of German Studies, Language to be opened in Aden University

A new Department of German Studies and German Language will be officially inaugurated next Wednesday in the University of Aden.

In a press release, the Germany Embassy in Sana'a said that the department would be opened by German Ambassador to Yemen Michael Klor-Berchtold, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Karim Abdullah Al-Rawdi, and Rector of Aden University, Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh Bin Habtour.

“Germany wants to emphasize the fruitful and long-lasting ties with the University of Aden