In compensation: Libya vs. Israel [Archives:2004/703/Letters to the Editor]

January 15 2004

Steve P.
[email protected]

Your correspondent claims Palestinians should be compensated by Israel, because Libya is compensating Lockerbie victims! Incredible! Oh and maybe I should get some compensation from Germany because my Grandfather was killed by them in 1916? Maybe Israelis (and Arabs) blown up in buses and cafes should sue the families of some suicide bombers. Take some reality pills. You don't get compensation from the other side when YOU are fighting a war. Arabs should Stop fighting the war of words and action. Stop trying to eradicate Israel. Israelis have NO OPTION but to defend themselves from people who want to drive them into the sea, and they are not going to pay compensation thank you very much.
Libya are paying compensation because they realize the folly of being 'at war', the folly of blowing up airplanes (have militant Arabs understood the message yet? The West WILL NOT tolerate airplanes crashing into their cities. Would you?), and the need for Libya to engage with other nations such as USA,UK AND Israel, rather than just a group of bitter Arab states who do not have the courage to stop their own anti Israel, anti West rhetoric. Stop the fighting and the 'compensation' to Arab states, and Palestinians, and their impoverished peoples would be far greater than anything Libya is paying out now.