In-house medical training course wraps up [Archives:2003/668/Local News]

September 15 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
Sana’a, Sep, 13 – Under the motto of “Towards Promoting Medical Work Qualitatively and Quantitatively”, an in-house training course was concluded on September 10 at Athowra Hospital.
The training course was financed by the Technical and Vocational Training Fund and organized by the Yemeni Center for Information and Technical Education part of the 2003 training activities program. More than 30 participants took part in the training course.
The training course, which started on August 4, focused on the medical statistics of the hospital staff including technicians, pharmacists, medical practitioners and doctors.
During the closing ceremony, participants were presented with their certificates.
On his part, Mr. Mohammed Ali Rajeh, the General Manager of the Yemeni Center for Information and Technical Education expressed his appreciation for making the training course such a great success.. “We are deeply indebted to the pioneering role performed by the Technical and Vocational Training Fund in order to promote the medical cadres’ performances in all different sectors in Yemen.
“Such courses are of great importance to promote the performance of medical cadres in the field of conducting statistical studies and get informed of how to avoid defects while medical cadres perform their duties,” Mr. Rajeh noted.
The training course aims basically at:
-Equipping trainees and participants with the technical skills and getting acquainted with the basics of collecting statistical data in the field of the medical sector.
– Getting acquainted with designing questionnaire lists as well as assessing them.
– Informing participants and trainees of the different types of samples and how to select them.
– Promoting the capabilities of participants in how to present the statistical data and find statistical indications, which help, in adopting medical decisions.
– Improving analytical and statistical capabilities of participants.
– Providing participants with records and medical samples and teaching them how to have them indexed.
– Using computer software to analyze statistical data.