In its preliminary statement on electionsMOST praises elections [Archives:2003/634/Local News]

May 5 2003

The organization of MOST in its efforts to effectuate observer mission and lending technical support to International Observers and Media has carried out observation missions in 50 constituencies throughout the country. As the electoral process came to an end, with the culmination of the vote counting in the Eleventh Constituency.
A press release issued Tuesday MOST gave its preliminary observations on the whole electoral process, mentioning:
1- The Excellent preparation measures taken by the SCER was reflected in the organization of the polling centers, the accuracy of the Voter Registry, and the clarity of the voting cards which included name, electoral symbol, and picture of the candidate, facilitating the participation of illiterate voters.
2- The turning out of voters on Election Day was impressive and exceeded 70% of the Voter Registry. The women turning out especially were remarkable.
3- MOST registered various personal clashes which not echoing planed party orientation, generally such incidents never reached 20 cases throughout the country, resulting in one single death in constituency # 37.
4- A remarkable cooperation was registered between the Security Committees, Basic and Sub-Electoral Commissions, and International and most Observers. Such cooperation facilitated most duty to observe the Electoral Process from the taking of to its culmination.
5- Transparency and peacefulness reigned throughout the Electoral Process. Local and International Observers, and Media attested this.
6- Preliminary results of the voting assured representation to major Active Political Parties in Yemen's Political Arena, with distinguishing representation for the General People's Congress, which came in first place with 220 seats, followed by Islah Congregation Party, with 45 seats, the Yemeni Socialist Party came in third place with 8 seats, the Nasserite Unionist came in forth with 4 seats, followed by the Baath Arab Socialist with two seats. Meanwhile Independents won several seats.
7- International Observers presented a note regarding cases of underage registry.
8- The general assessment by the observers of the opening of polling centers, voting, closing of the polling centers, and counting was good and that the elections proceeded smoothly.
Most seized this opportunity to congratulate the Yemeni People for this great achievement, which represents another significant forward in the path of strengthening the practice of democracy and multi-party system in Yemen.
Sana'a, April 29, 2003.