In response to “Supposed Nasrallah victory” [Archives:2006/1002/Letters to the Editor]

November 27 2006

Aref Al-Shaqhdri
[email protected]

In the issue 999 of Thursday, Nov. 16, I read an article written by S.A. Abdul Wahab titled “Supposed Nasrallah victory ” in the letters to the editor. I was so shocked and astounded to see such bizarre and unacceptable opinion talking about Nasrallah and Hezbollah militants. For this reason, I want to direct some questions to this person and to others, if there are any, having the same opinion

Why doesn't he acknowledge Nasrallah's victory? Why does he have such ignorant and malicious misconceptions about Hezbollah? Doesn't he feel ashamed of himself saying so about those devoted and brave people? Does he think that he has hit the nail on the head by writing this misled article?

I recommend this person to review his frozen opinions and thoughts, I want to say that what Hezbollah has achieved, in their fighting with the Zionist enemy, what has never been done by all Arabs and Muslim people in the recent era. In their confrontations with Hezbollah fighters, the Israeli troops sustained many losses in souls and weapons, unless Hezbollah was existent in south Lebanon, it would have been captured and conquered completely by Israel. What if such people were existent in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan?

What Israel achieved was killing innocent civilians, committing massacres and destroying infrastructure. So who are the cowards, the Israelis, killers of innocent civilians, or Hezballah fighters who stepped on the unconquerable Legend of Israel.

The defeated Israel face brought about internal splits and divisions among its war generals. So, concluding my article, I strongly say that Hezbollah's achievements are a source of pride for Arabs and Muslims all over the world.