In support to Dr. A. Moen [Archives:2004/725/Letters to the Editor]

April 1 2004

Yitatek Yitbarek
South Africa
[email protected]

I am an Ethiopian living in South Africa, who is quite pleased to read Dr. Ahmed Moen's
article concerning the plight of Ethiopian refugees in Yemen. He basically outlined the historical connections and relations between Ethiopia and Yemen. Indeed, the two countries have long history dating back to the Queen of Sheba's era that bound the two countries together.
Dr. Ahmed has in detail discussed the hardship that the Yemenis faced in the past. He acknowledged the treatment they have received from Ethiopians during their time of hardship and strife. I believe, as mentioned by the doctor, the Yemenis had no complaint whatsoever during their time in Ethiopia.
Now that things have changed, Ethiopians migrated to Yemen expecting the same kind of treatment that we have provided them in the past.
As doctor Ahmed said, it is quite bizarre to hear that Ethiopian refugees are mistreated by our brothers whom we, Ethiopians, stood by them during their difficult times. In fact, they are puzzled why such kind of harsh treatment is given to them. They were expecting, I believe, that they will be welcomed, respected, and dignified by our Yemeni brothers.
I once again salute Dr. Ahmed's contribution and call for an end to the plight. I also thank him for giving his time to jot down the historical links which highlights the relations between the two nations.
Finally, I am optimistic that the relevant department and government body will address the matter in due course to hear our brothers' plea.
'A friend in need, is a friend indeed.'