Incredible bills for phone calls to Yemen [Archives:2003/643/Letters to the Editor]

June 19 2003

Hyder Almaznaai
Texas, USA
[email protected]

I am currently residing in the USA, and can not understand why Yemen is the most expensive country in the world, when it comes to long distance calls. I had called my telephone company to discuss this issue, they replied that it is not them, it is because of the outrageous access fees that the telephone company in Yemeni is charging them.
Calls to Europe, cost as low as 5-Cents/Minute, while calls to Yemen cost us $1.12/Minute. This is clearly 'highway robbery'.
We do have loved ones to call, why not lower these access fees like every other country in this Globe. I know for a fact that people will call more often, and the Yemeni companies will profit handsomely from this action, and everyone wins!
Is there anyway, you can deliver this message to whomever is responsible for this, so we do not have to spend a fortune, just to talk to our families in the Homeland. Please do something.
Thanks to the Yemen Times for their efforts, you all are doing a wonderful and noble job. Please keep it up.