India and the Sri Lanka solution [Archives:2007/1032/Letters to the Editor]

March 12 2007

Hem Raj Jain
[email protected]

The prominent Indian print & electronic media for the last one week is disseminating the news & stories of (i)- imminent bloodshed in Sri Lanka in view of the failure of truce brokered by international community between thoroughly brutalized both Sri Lankan Government & LTTE, and (ii)- the need for India to immediately intervene, also in order to tackle the likely huge influx of Tamils from Sri Lanka to India.

But India is finding it difficult to intervene in this matter on account of:-

(1)- Fiasco of Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) experiment in Sri Lanka.

(2)- Murder allegedly by LTTE in 1991 of ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (responsible for sending IPKF).

(3)- Despite law of India which defines Hindus as inclusive of so called Santani Hindus (forming 95 % of Indian Hindus) Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs, the constitutionally secular India has degenerated into a majoritarian morbid communal India biased in favor of Sanatani Hindus and against not only minority community the Muslims but also against Buddhists especially in relation to Sri Lanka problem.

(4)- India not mustering enough courage in taking a lead for the formation of Federation of Democratic Secular SAARC countries (the only solution to this terrorism infested troubled region of Indian sub continental south Asia).

But taking the advantage of fast emerging globalization India as a regional leader aught to take the lead & first step towards Federation of Democratic Secular SAARC countries by inviting Sri Lanka (other countries may follow gradually) to join hands with India for making this Federation a reality in the interest of protecting the human rights, of Sri Lankans (who are reportedly soon going to be in a blood bath), and also if:-

(A)-Secular forces in India have to prevail (in tandem with the secular forces of other SAARC countries).

(B)- Sonia Gandhi the widow of Rajiv Gandhi and de-facto ruler of India wants to prove that the martyrdom of her husband has not gone in vain.

World community aught to impart its influence and good will for this first step towards Federation of Democratic Secular SAARC countries in the interest of human rights in this region of south Asia.