Indian terrorists alleged in Yemen [Archives:2004/706/Local News]

January 26 2004

By News Services
An alleged terrorist in India is hiding out in Yemen, according to the India Express newspaper.
The paper reports that Mufti Sufiyaan Ahmed Patangia, said to be the prime conspirator in the assassination of Indian official Haren Pandya, and other cases, is now in Yemen according to sources in India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
The Interpol branch of the agency, which had put out a red corner notice for Sufiyaan, received information of his being in Yemen in December. The anti-terrorism court, which is trying the cases, has been informed that Sufiyaan is no longer in the country.
Besides the assassination case, Sufiyaan is the prime accused in the ISI conspiracy case. He's charged with waging war against India.
The CBI chargesheets in these cases say that, after the post-Godhra riots, Sufiyaan delivered provocative speeches and, by showing them VCDs of riot victims, instigated Muslim youths to seek revenge.
He is also said to have got in touch with gangster Rasool Pati) who used to be with the Abdul Latif gang of Ahmedabad but now lives in Karachi) to arrange for the youths to be trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan.
Of the 19 named in the assassination case, 15 have been arrested. Sufiyaan and three others are absconding and CBI has sent teams to look for them in Bihar, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Aurangabad, Tonk, Delhi, and other places. Sufiyaan is said to have fled from Ahmedabad to Kolkata, from there to Medina, then to Yemen.