Initiative accepted [Archives:2003/695/Letters to the Editor]

December 18 2003

Scott M. youngren
[email protected]

In response to Walid Al-Saqqaf's article titled “Lessons to learn”, I would like to take him up on his offer. If he would like to share his personal sentiments with me about the US role in the world, or whatever, please contact me via email. I think dialogue and empathy can go a long way to building bridges of understanding. I also think he may be pleasantly surprised to find out that plenty of Americans do look at there individual role in the in the world as well as that of their government.
I do not agree that our presence in Iraq is now, or ever will be a failure. Saddam is out of business and 25 million Iraqi's are better for it. I also would like to point out your misrepresentation of the facts regarding President Bush's visit to Great Britain. The overwhelming majority of Brit's welcomed the President and support our efforts in Iraq. There is a large contingent of socialists, anarchists, and radical Islamists living in Great Britain, and that is who you saw demonstrating.
Those same groups show up at demonstrations in this country as well. That is OK here and in Great Britain because these people have a right to assemble and speak. Just like those now demonstrating in Iraq for the first time. Freedom! It comes with a price, and you have to be willing to make sacrifice's to keep this God given right.