Intracs honors its employees [Archives:2003/637/Local News]

May 26 2003

On the occasion of international Labor Day, an award ceremony was held by Intracs Company in Mareb to honor the company's distinguished employees for the year 2002.
Amid presence of the governor of Mareb and a number of prominent personalities in Mareb, Chairman of Intracs Mr. Abdullah Al-Kharraz distributed certificates of merit along with awards to 44 worker, employee, and technician working for the company.
Then Mr. Al-Kharraz gave a speech thanking the company's staff for their efforts and congratulated them on the occasion of Labor Day.
The governor of Mareb also gave a statement in which he thanked the company for its efforts in the governorate and for taking good care of its employees. He also indicated the governorate's efforts in facilitating the work of the private sector and establishing a number of projects for this purpose.
Following the statements, a warm reception was held during which employees and their management had an opportunity to discuss various issues concerning their work and presented proposals for the future.