Invasion repeated, Iraqis marginalized [Archives:2003/637/Letters to the Editor]

May 26 2003

Dr Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff
University of Plymouth, UK
[email protected]

The Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 sparks off more than a dozen UN Security resolutions activated by the USA and UK punishing Iraq for the invasion.
The most devastating resolution was payment of reparations to Kuwait (A region small than Devon with 600 oil wells) which amount to about 1/3 of the revenue of oil for food , and adding the cost of UN weapons inspectors, Iraq was left with very little income to buy food and medicine.
Now the invasion is repeated by exactly those who condemned it in 1990, the USA & UK, with the support of the Kuwait ruling family. The publicly stated aims of the invaders and their supporters is the destruction of WMD which supposedly threatened the security, not only of USA & UK, but the whole world.
But weapons of mass destruction were not found, so isn't it right and proper that the invading countries should pay the bills of re-building Iraq and buy reparations at no cost to the Iraqi people?
Currently the invaders are occupiers, so what legal rights (according to international law) that allow them to scarp ministries, appoint officers to public services, issues orders to local political movements?
And why is it so difficult for USA & UK to fix power stations when temperature as high as 45-50C? Didn't those countries send daily B52's loaded with deadly weapons from UK bases to attack Iraq?
Recently the USA & UK with other permanent members of the Security council have decided the future of Iraq with no Iraqi representations to put forward the nation points of view. This is a sad day for Iraq as USA & UK occupy Iraq and exploit its wealth for the foreseeable future.
Why the Iraqi people have no say in their destiny? Isn't Iraq a sovereign, independent and founder of the UN?