Iraq occupation must be condemned [Archives:2004/771/Letters to the Editor]

September 9 2004

Mohamed Saeed
South Africa
[email protected]

Leaders of the World should strongly condemn the ongoing aggression of the occupation forces in Iraq. Holy shrines or not, the American aggression in Iraq must stop and the occupation must end. For the Americans to use Iraqis on the ground to kill Iraqis while pounding the city of Najaf from the air, is a moral crime of the first order. It is a lie that Iraqis would start a civil war if the American forces withdrew. Iraqis are united to end the occupation and liberate their country. The American forces want both the Shite militia in the south and the Sunni militia in the central regions of Iraq to disarm, while the Americans finance, support and arm the Kurdish militia in the north. All peace-loving people should pressure the US and UK governments to stop this tragedy. Unless the occupation of Iraq ends immediately and US and British forces are withdrawn, Iraq will remain a country in ruins. The people did it in the 1960s with the Vietnam war and I am confident it can be done again only if we are awakened from apathy.