Iraqi chaos – Keyword “Injustice” [Archives:2004/700/Letters to the Editor]

January 5 2004

David Lawrence Cade
Oklahoma, USA
[email protected]

I am an American citizen who opposed the war. I once lived in the North Dallas area. This is how I see the Bush White House.
George W. Bush is spamming Iraq daily with over 150,000 unwanted Coalition troops. He linked up with Blair, and they downloaded their pernicious Second Gulf War – despite warnings from the global peace movement and religious leaders – with files attached that have opened: epidemics, the collapse of the infrastructure, orphans, kidnappings, suicide bombings, the nightmarish block raids, and despair.
With their “evil” search engine, they found millions of matches for their criteria; but not WMD's. Instead, the evils are the miseries of the Iraqi people. Second Gulf War keyword: INJUSTICE.