Iraqis will still be freer than you [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Bill Nehmzow
[email protected]

I found your “True Freedom” article interesting. We Americans have a strange way of wanting everyone else to have the same opportunities that what we have. We were a “Colony” once too.
Your statement that the liberation of Iraq is not what the Iraqi people want. It's hard to believe that they would prefer living under Saddam Hussein, to the chance to be “free”.
We “liberated” the French in two World Wars. Thousands of Americans gave their lives for that purpose. Do you think the French feel they “owe this favor to the US forever” So the Iraqi regime that's appointed could turn out just like the French or the Germans. Your World History will tell you that Americans, through the Marshall plan paid for those countries to get back on their feet.
You talk about “approval of the International community” Where has the international community been for the last 12 years while Hussein has killed and tortured hundreds of thousands of his people?
I suppose you would suggest that they were better off like that rather then be given the opportunity to be “free”. America has only been around for 227 yrs. If you'll remember we fought for our freedom from the British? The Industrial revolution began to change the world 175 yrs ago. Americans, the British and to some degree the French played major roles. These were all “free” societies. Unfortunately there are some cultures that have been around for 3000 yrs who have no concept of what Freedom is. If you were to look at the intellectual contributions these cultures have made to the improvement of mankind you would be hard pressed to find any. One might speculate that perhaps there is a correlation.
If you look at the vast majority of the Arab states many have rich cultures. Yet what have they done for mankind? Maybe you could send me a list of the great accomplishments that the Arab countries have contributed to the betterment of mankind?
So far it's apparent the one thing that has come out of the Middle East that is at the fore front is the fatalistic insanity that is responsible for killing innocent people in the name of God!
Maybe Freedom no matter how limited is better then what you currently have?