Is Iran deserving of all this belligerency? [Archives:2007/1032/Opinion]

March 12 2007

While the American White House is stubbornly pursuing support for its belligerent attitude towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, the apparent display one sees in the international arena now is that Iran is indeed winning this hopeless cause the United States is again fostering on behalf of Israel. The most obvious reason for this fiasco by the Presidency of the Untied States under George W. Bush is that to this date, notwithstanding all the claims and tough-talk rhetoric followed by Washington, there is really no basis for the bulk of the accusations bombarded on Iran. For the past thirty years or so, since the religious scholars of Iran decided that Iran (and to a certain extent the region was ripe for a new culture in its political and social affairs. Notwithstanding the misleading representations lashed out against this dramatic regime change, in the end, the new regime proved to be a respectable presentation than that which had existed under the despotic benevolent dictator, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. It is worth noting that the latter was “America's Policeman”” in the region