Is living under Saddam’s rule better? [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Stockton, Ca, USA
[email protected]

I would like to make a few comments concerning your recent article “True Freedom”. You say the war is not approved by the international community yet the coalition is fifty (50) countries strong and growing.
You say “only Iraqis can decide what they want & need”. In this, what you really mean is Saddam decides what is best for each & every Iraqi citizen. Do you really believe that any citizen in Iraq can speak their true feelings and desires and live to tell about it? Not likely.
You say that after being “liberated”, Iraq will be forever in debt to the US & UK, thus not being free. A more absurd statement, I don't think I've ever heard. So what you're really saying then, is living under a murderous butcher like Saddam Hussein is better than a chance to be free.
Under the barbarous regime of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has forfeited it is right to arm itself as evidenced by UN res. 1441 which was unanimously approved by the UN security council. The Iraqi people deserve better than having to live in fear of what they say, of what they do or what they think.
It seems to me that your anti-American feelings are clouding your good judgment. I know that I can't speak for the average Iraqi citizen but simple logic dictates that a person would rather live with a chance at life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness than live under a sadistic dictatorship. By reading your column, one would assume that life in Iraq is all fine & dandy. When Saddam & his henchmen are finally gone, I am sure that the Iraqi people will tell you otherwise. It may take awhile but the truth will come out for the ENTIRE world to see. Unfortunately, the only truth able to be spoken by any Iraqi citizen is from the ones lucky enough to escape Iraq. I have spoken to many Iraqi's now living in my hometown and the overwhelming consensus is that Saddam must go, by any means possible. Thank God President Bush is finally standing strong and putting an end to the madness in Iraq.
Todd DuQuette