Is terrorism being seen in its true perspective? [Archives:2004/760/Opinion]

August 2 2004

In seeking to confront terrorism, the United States maybe approaching the problem in an altogether obsolete fashion. It is now understood that terrorism, unlike the venue of conflicts between states or alliances between states, simply has no specific ground rules to guide one as to the appropriate way of countering this shadowy new phenomenon that has caught the attention of just about everyone on earth. After all, terrorisms' menacing striking power is unpredictable and indiscriminate when it comes to targeting its victims. Moreover, with a philosophy based on the ends justify the means, terrorist organizations have literally given themselves a vast open field in which to unleash their horrific sadistic cravings. On the other hand, without a clear ideology behind most terrorist activities, it goes without saying that it is difficult to determine where the grass roots base of terrorist organizations lie, and thus where information about their nature or agenda may be accessed.
Needless to say, terrorism is not really a new phenomenon and quite often terrorism was a mechanism by which certain causes were able to impose their will on certain countries and regions. In fact, states often used terror to impose their will on their subjects and on other states as is the case of Nazi Germany, and Israel. If anyone does not believe that the latter was a strong reliant on terrorism to expedite and maintain its existence, then for sure they have not read their history correctly. The truth of the matter is that Israel has refined the art of terror to a science that is probably unmatched in the level of development by any other country.
This brings us to the present ugliness that has popped up here and there in the form of fly by night “Islamic Jihadists”, who claim to be advocating for the interests and causes of the Moslem constituencies throughout the world. The obvious dubious nature of these mysterious new villains of the world has quite a lot of similarity to the kind of terror on which Israel relies on to maintain its “survival” and promote its further domination of the region. The first obvious observation of all genuine Moslems throughout the world is why would any Moslem seek to defy religious doctrine to advance Islamic causes, when it is absolutely forbidden for Moslems to engage in the kind of terror unleashed by these so called “Jihadists”? On the other hand, why does not anyone of these organizations come out and define themselves properly, showing clear objectives and organizational structure of some kind that can be recognized as a genuine serious movement with a real cause? Almost every terror attack is being launched by a different group having a different name and all alluding to be defending or advancing the cause of Islam. Is Islam that divided amongst the faithful that they cannot agree on a common cause or agenda? Furthermore, these organizations are somehow able to come up with substantial means and funding and have access to some sophisticated technical expertise, which can only come from an institutionalized source of origin of far more established roots in terror – and certainly non-Islamic. The only international movement that sees Islam as its antithesis is international Zionism. Furthermore, with the reliance on terror to bring about and sustain the Zionist state amidst the Moslem World, it goes without saying that the Zionist movement is keen on reflecting itself as an angelic state amidst a sea of Moslem demons. This serves two purposes for the Zionist cause. It rekindles an international war of cultures, in which it places itself with the West, while Moslems represent the threat to all western values and civilization. Nothing is further than the truth. Western civilization and western modern values have their roots in Islamic civilization, long before Theodore Herzel, the founder of modern Zionism, was ever born. Yet, the west, especially the United States remains oblivious to trying to tie these new demonic movements falsely portraying themselves as “Jihadists” with the Zionist Movement. The other is that countering Islam becomes a new basis for support to Israel after the “Communist Threat” ended with the end of the Cold War. To most sensible Moslems, these fly by night “Jihadists” are closer to the Irgun and Stern terrorist gangs that wreaked havoc throughout Palestine, during the early days of Israel's “struggle for independence”, than to any genuine Islamic liberation movement. Even the initial sponsors of the Zionist “homeland”, the British, had many of the leaders of these terror gangs on wanted posters, before they were to become national leaders of Israel, like Ishak Chamir and Ben Gurion and many others. Just look in the British Archives and you will find these “terrorists” there being pursued by British agents in Palestine and elsewhere. On the other hand, true Jihadists really know that it is senseless to advocate for the liberation of, say Iraq, while their members carry out senseless bomb attacks against literally hundreds of Iraqis, while not even bringing injury to any elements of the occupying forces. Whose side are they really on? Yet, they carry on freely, with the occupying force in Iraq not finding any clue whatsoever as to who these “insurgents” are. So as not to make the allusion that these groups might have ties to the international Zionist Movement and its right wing friends, especially in the US, seem ridiculous, one might want to look at this web site, which has an opener, that is not surprising to the more well informed about what terror is really all about in our world today: “A documentary broadcast August 25 (1998) by German public television (ZDF) presents compelling evidence that some of the main suspects in the 1986 Berlin disco bombing, the event that provided the pretext for a US air assault on Libya, worked for American and Israeli intelligence”.