Is the Yemeni government actually interested? [Archives:2006/995/Letters to the Editor]

October 2 2006

Mimha Ali Fnunya
[email protected]

Is the Yemeni government actually interested, let alone determined, to upgrade the ordinary Yemeni people's lives? The present leadership has been in power over a quarter century, and are the Yemenis living a better life, after all these years of the same leadership and government? Where has all the aids and assistance gone?Even the very basic amenities, such as water are always in short and interrupted supply in Yemeni cities and towns. Saudi Arabia has provided continuous aid to the Yemen government undoubtedly geared foremostly for upgrading the general public living standards by way of proving better and more accessible educational, health and amenities. What has happened to all that? Plus, many other non-Arab and also Western Government and NGOs give aid.

With a population of 22 million and aid could have helped rebuild and expedite general Yemeni welfare in the future.

What more, basic social, economic, educational and health conditions are worse off for the ordinary Yemeni citizens. I daresay fair and equitable distribution of amenities from Foreign aid has been thoroughly been sorely neglected.

Is government mismanagement of all affairs in Yemen the rule, the normal practice?