Is voter registration going well, or not? [Archives:2002/43/Local News]

October 21 2002

The registration process showed that the number of citizens registered up to October 20 is exceeding five million.
“And the process is very successful carried out by multi-parties members,” said Mr. Abdu Al Janadi, chairman of the information committee of the Supreme Election Committee in a statement to the Yemen Times.
He made the comments despite many reports of tension and violence at at least some registration booths during the last several weeks.
Despite reports otherwise, Abdu said the GPC and Islah are observing each other and there is a complete discipline in the electoral committees.
“About what has been said by the Joint Meeting Parties JMP that we reduced their share, I can say it is baseless statements and no change take place in the committees out of the supervision committee knowledge. Furthermore, no committee is formed from one party alone,” Al Janadi concluded.
Opposition parties, including Islah, said earlier this month that there is a number of violations by the ruling party GPC in some committee.
“The ruling party’s violations still continuos and the terrorist acts and law slighting are still practiced all over the constituencies as they insisting in loosing the country big damages because of their shameful acts such registering young people under 18 years old,” a report for the Islah party said.
On the other hand, the ruling party accused the opposition parties of number of violations namely Islah and socialist parties as inciting disturbances, repetition of names and hindering the voter’s registration in different committees.
Mr. Ali Saleh Obad, secretary general of the socialist party, warned the field committees and the parties which try to distort the democratic image through forgery.
An official sources in Allaw foundation for legal professions and consultations, followed Mohammed N. Allaw, PM from Islah, said that the court of west Sana’a will look next week into the two cases filed by the Allaw foundation against chairman and members of the Supreme Election Committee and the head of the security committee, Ali Mohammed Salah.
The source pointed out that the first case is concerns the distribution of the electoral cards before completing the final records and the second case concerns the violations committed by the head of the security committee, Ali M.Salah, as he issued a publication for security forces to register their names out of their legal constituencies which is considered an electoral crime according to election law.