Is YT getting Americanized? [Archives:2003/639/Letters to the Editor]

June 5 2003

Amin Senan
[email protected]

It's saddening to me to see a Yemeni Newspaper, Yemen Times, publishing its first page with advertisements of mostly American companies. Is Yemen Times becoming another US paper or are the sons of Dr. Al-Saqqaf becoming more Americanized for some reason?
This is totally unacceptable! Many of your readers, like me, would like to be informed about Yemen and its culture and if someone wants to read about US for sure he/she would come to your site to look for it. I hope you got my point…

Dear Amin,
“Certainly not” would be my short answer. But you should also understand that because we do not agree with certain US policies, I don't believe we should refuse every advertisement that has something to do with the US. After all, that would be like committing suicide as the US controls most of the world's economy, including the software that you used to type your letter. I hope you get my point too.