Islam and other religions [Archives:2005/808/Letters to the Editor]

January 17 2005

Christopher A.
[email protected]

I absolutely agree with your comments in your editorial on 'representing Islam'. God made it very clear and convenient to one another. But man made it as a mesh that American, Yemeni, Indian, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

Judgment is in God's hand not in man's hand. Man has to concentrate on his work. Asia also good people are living and bad people are living. In Indian also good persons are living bad, America also good/bad and Yemen also the same. One more thing as a religious leader/people should not differentiate American, Yemeni, Indian etc. Because if he truly believes in his theology (Islam) God created Adam and Eve, as human, not American, Yemeni, India, etc.. So because of this kind of misleading a lot and lot of good people and civilians are suffering.

This is happening not only in Yemen almost every parts of the world. Who are all doing this they are forced to get double punishment from God? If they believe or not I believe 100% and it will happen and it will happen those are hearing this kind of message and did not oppose or keeping silence also.