Islam is a religion of peace [Archives:2005/831/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2005

Mohammed Al-Ra'awy
National Institute
[email protected]

In reply to the letter of Gentle Giant published in Yemen Times, issue 828 on 28 March 2005, I would like to give this gentle man some few hints about what Islam means so he will understand that Islam is not forced everywhere not only in Yemen.

First of all, dear Gentle Giant, Islam is Allah's (God) final world to humankind. It is a religion of peace, joy, security and safety and not the opposite as many think. It is meant for all human beings and it is for the good of humanity. Islam talks to and appeals to Allah's soul in man so when one feels that rendering his soul may do something good for this religion and win Allah's mercy and forgiveness, he never hesitates in giving that sacred soul back to its lord. Thus, a religion of peace and mercy cannot use force, a religion of security and safety will not support terrorism and violence, and a religion of mediation will never recommend extremism.

In short, Islam, was not, is not, will not be forced upon any people. This is clear very its very beginning, our prophet and his followers lived having Jews and Christians as neighbors. Neither Jews or Christians were forced to change their religions nor Muslims were forced to stay Muslims forever. And so are we today! Islam just shows the right path and every body has a mind so he can decide. And in response to his statement “Islam is forced upon Yemeni Muslims in particular,” I should like to say that Islam did not come to Yemen but that Yemenis went to it willingly and embraced it. Now prove that other religions save Islam are not forced upon people everywhere whether intentionally or without intention.