Islam respected women, Muslims don’t [Archives:2004/705/Letters to the Editor]

January 22 2004

Neena A.
[email protected]

When I look back at the years I have spent in Muslim countries and compare it to my years in non Muslim country I wonder and ask myself are woman really respected in the Muslim world?
Unfortunately my answer is “NOT ALWAYS”.
It is sad to know that Islam has liberated woman, respected their existence and put heaven under the feet of a woman (mother's of course who bring to the world the children that fill it be they woman or men), and know that Muslim woman in Muslim countries are denied their rights.
For example, in most Muslim countries young woman are being forced to get married to whom ever their parents choose for them to marry despite their disagreement with such marriages they tend to accept it.
In most Muslim countries women are always told that they are made for the kitchen and should only take care of their husbands and children.
In most Muslim countries woman can not walk in the shopping malls alone freely without being harassed by some men.
In some Muslim countries some women are still denied the right to education.
In most Muslim countries women have no real roles in the working environment. In fact there are only few women in the work environment in any sector of the government or in the public.
All this is happening when we all know that our Islam has given women all the rights they deserve.
Islam gave woman the right to say no to a man she does not accept as a husband.
We all know that woman's role in a real Islamic society is more than just the kitchen and the house.
In a real Islamic society, both men and women work together to build a better society were Islam is really practiced, were the men respect woman and realize that in the days of the prophet (SAW), woman took part in the war and have helped with everything.
Let us practice our great religion to build a better society.