Islamic Army in Iraq [Archives:2008/1177/Reportage]

July 31 2008

In a recent interview with The Media Line, The Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI), a prominent Sunni insurgency group, revealed its motivations, ideology and aims regarding the war in Iraq.

Among the main issues brought up during the interview with IAI spokesman 'Ali A-Na'imi, were the following:

Established after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, the IAI is comprised of ex-Iraqi military officers, all – or most – of whom are adherents of the Sunni creed. These officers recruit young Sunnis to the organization and train them in a combination of military discipline and guerilla warfare.

The movement takes the media war seriously and uses the Internet to promulgate its ideology. It produces a monthly magazine and airs a daily updated website. Each month the organization publishes what it calls the “harvest”” of its operations. During last month