Islamic Relief Funds a Charity Health project [Archives:2007/1055/Local News]

May 31 2007

SANA'A, May 29 ) The British Ambassador to Yemen has recently inaugurated a Medical clinic constructed at the premises of the Yemeni Education and Relief Organization (YERO), in order to provide free basic medical care as well as preventative health check-ups for the 215 orphans and disadvantaged children as well as their families, as a part of YERO's charitable activities.

Construction of the clinic was funded by UK-based Islamic Relief, which also funded the purchase of medical equipment, first-aid items, and basic medication. The clinic is one of several services YERO provides. It is worth-mentioning that YERO will run this clinic with the support of qualified volunteer doctors twice a week.

YERO was established in Yemen in April 2003 as a branch affiliated to the UK-based Yemeni Education & Relief Organization, with the aim to fight child illiteracy and poverty by providing education to them in spite of whatever circumstances that forced them to drop of the formal educational system. Other services include primary education, basic literacy skills, and couture classes for women.

Khalid Al-Muwalad, Country Director of Islamic Relief, stated that clinic funding comes as a part of Islamic Relief's poverty-reduction strategy, which was formulated in line with the Yemeni Government's poverty Reduction Strategy, established on October 20, 2006, which identifies the development priority areas as eradicating extreme poverty, water sanitation, empowerment of women heath, and basic education.