Israel threats against Iran [Archives:2004/699/Letters to the Editor]

January 1 2004

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

'Israel threatens Iran's nuclear sites', a news item appearing in different newspapers on December 22, 2003. I think that's a peak of outrageousness that Israel is now acting and threatening at a time when Iran has principally agreed to sign the treaty as well as allowing the IAEC watchdog to conduct 'surprise visit' to her installations. I know Uncle Sam won't take any notice of Sharon's threat to Iran because both are the accomplices, striking the third world countries on the pretext of combating terrorism and introducing the so-called democracy.
I am afraid that Iran was once red-crossed including it in the 'axis of evil', so it cannot spare her from the wrath of Uncle Sam even if she does or doesn't possess nuke. Why? Because the blue-eyed guy has been afraid of Iran since long.
Lastly, Uncle Sam doesn't believe and trust Muslims whether t hey are the active participants in war on terrorism or not…which has already been intended to weaken Muslims strength around the world.