It is all up to the Iraqis [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Clayton W.
[email protected]

I read an article concerning the military of the United States as being consisting of individuals forced to fight. Our men and women of the services are not forced to fight but are volunteers. Our volunteer military was and is willing to shed its blood for the Iraqi people, just as it was willing to shed its blood for anyone who called out for liberty. The men and women of the United States military voluntarily placed themselves in harms way so that others people of the world and the Iraqi people can enjoy liberty and happiness through the freedoms they now have. As I watch the Iraqi people deal with their national and personal problems, I believe that if they will be patient with the coalition forces they will in time come to understand this freedom they now have. Freedom does come with a price. It does not necessarily mean shedding of blood, which is sometimes necessary, but it means the setting goals and the perseverance and hard work toward those goals. If the Iraqi people are determined to be truly liberated and a free people, then they have to rid themselves of outside forces such as other countries interfering in their issues, being intolerant of religious groups, tribal bitterness from past disagreements or wars, and any other problems of the past that have divided the Iraqi people.
My fear is that since the Iraqi people and many Muslim nations rely on what they are told and see only that which others want them to see, then they will continue to rely on what is given versus what can be achieved. The Iraqi people need to be able to dream about the future and be able to make that future come true. I believe that this is the real test of freedom. With perseverance, and team work with the coalition, Iraq can be truly a free, democratic nation. With the help and a real desire to be a free people, Iraq could be an example for other Arab nations to follow. The two big questions are “Do they want freedom and all that comes with it? Are they willing to pay the price?”” If the Iraqi people want it