It is “Yemenites” not “Yemenis”! [Archives:2003/641/Letters to the Editor]

June 12 2003

Karam Abbass Al Hashmi
[email protected]

I have noticed that most if not all the Yemeni media are using the Word: Yemenis”, that stands for the inhabitants or the native people of Yemen, while the correct terminology is “Yemenites”.
The word “Yemenites” is the correct expression standing for the native people of Arabia Flex and not Yemenis which is totally wrong! Kindly check the historical books that are tackling the history of Old Yemen. I had been using this expression when corresponding with international media for more than 15 years, though it is generally used by the West media but still we witness it in our own media.
It is simply like the word “Mocha” which is the name of one of the Yemenite old seaports on the Red-Sea, but several people ignore it because they see it on foreign products such as coffee brands and on western franchises!
In the ancient times Yemenites used to export coffee beans through the seaport of Mocha and “Mocha Coffee” named after that seaport and branded as such!
Our history is the greatest among the region, but who has the guts to record millions and millions of information and this is how the source is blindly denied?