Italian Ricerca e Cooperazione launches legal sector educational project in Yemen [Archives:2004/753/Local News]

July 8 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Tuesday July 6- The special three-day training session for a number of lawyers and advocates involved or interested in the defense of female prisoners and juveniles was concluded.
The session, sponsored by the Italian Research and Cooperation Organization (Ricerco e Cooperazione), was aimed at acquainting the lawyers and advocates with laws on care for juveniles, children's rights and criminal law.
The participants gained from the session the required skills and general principles related to the profession of defense lawyers in defending the most vulnerable segment of society and to improve the level of performance of the profession. The session enhanced the abilities of the lawyers, advocates and volunteers in understanding the role of the prosecution, juveniles' courts and the role of social workers and their jobs at juvenile homes.
Mr. Slai Saleh Abdullah, an undersecretary at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor said during the presentation of certificates to the participants, “The state is striving to create a suitable healthy environment to raise children properly. The state's commitment to children reflects that caring for children is the responsibility of the whole society. It must be carried out within the framework of clear legal principles abided by all. The state's commitment does not come as a replacement of the role of the family and its cohesion, considering it the first brick in building a solid society, but rather to assist the family in bearing its responsibility in raising the children. The intervention of the state comes only taking into consideration that society is the mother family, and therefore governments actions must be within the legal framework that protects legitimate and personal rights.