It’s getting too ferocious [Archives:2005/872/Letters to the Editor]

August 29 2005

Jamal Abu Ramiz

I am a regular reader of “Yemen Times” especially “Common Sense,” which I see as one or the most responsible and issues that matter us as Yemenis, Arabs and Muslims. Lately, I have noticed many feedbacks to the “Common Sense” in the “Letters to the Editor” all seem to be organized to discourage and silence the few outcries that are still resonating now and then in protest of the increasingly harsh injustices done against us.

It is now common to read or hear the trumpets of our oppressors say to us:” You are very much occupied with conspiracy theories, or “You are brainwashed with theories

against the Zionists and the US, or “Mind your own business and address your local issues” and such nonsense arguments trying to convince us of their care and concern for our interests and ending up with names such as Ahmed, Nada, Nadwa, tc. to suggest the origin of that care or concern.

Yes, we are hungry; and yes, we are underdeveloped; and we are the cause for most of our problems. But we are also being invaded, occupied, killed, and our holiest shrines desecrated by the Zionists with the support of the US. Then they can't come and tell us:” Enough, don't talk of the Zionist,” “Tackle your hunger,” “The Americans are invading you because they love you” tc.

No, all these problems have to be addressed. Iraq matters to us, and Palestine and Al- Aqsa matter to us our need and hunger do matter to us.

To Mr. Hassan Al- Haify I say: Go ahead and never mind all the discouraging noise. They are plenty, they are getting ferocious and they will never stop.