Jailed since 1993 in USAl-Moayed facing “inconveniences” [Archives:2004/789/Local News]

November 11 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Yemeni political parties and tribal voices have denounced the inhumane treatment which Yemeni citizen Shiekh Muhammad Ali al-Mo'ayed is facing in the US prison where he is detained.
Those voices have expressed its deep distress through the press, denouncing the inconveniences caused to al-Mo'ayed.
Those concerned were surprised to find such inconveniences and treatment being experienced in a country such as the US, the country of the democratic freedom and human rights.
Same voices have asked for improving the status of Shiekh al-Mo'ayed and stop the inconveniences, and to deliver him to the Yemeni authorities for trial, in case the accused is found guilty in the US.
Shiekh al-Mo'ayed is in one of the prisons in Brooklyn since November 2003, when he was delivered to the American authorities, along with his Companion Muhammad Zayed, from Germany where both of them spent about one complete year in one of its prisons.
A Yemeni CIA agent called Muhammad al-Ansi who induced al-Mo'ayed from Sana'a to Germany wherein he was arrested by an order from the United States who accused him of having a connection with the members of al-Qa'edah organization and the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS).
Brooklyn American court has conducted several sittings and the court has decided to postpone the sittings until Dec. 14.
Yemeni authorities say that American authorities have no evidence convicting Shiekh Muhammad Ali al-Mo”ayed and his companion, Muhammad Zayed.
They say that the Americans just rely on voice recordings of casual conversations that two American agents had with the two accused prior to arresting them in Germany.