Jason Vaught got it wrong [Archives:2004/745/Letters to the Editor]

June 10 2004

D. Barrick
[email protected]

Jason Vaught, who once wrote a letter criticizing Arabs and supporting Israel, is a nutcase. There is no religious support or negation for Israel, among the Christian right that is fueling the situation. It is not the Jews, in a direct manner, either. It is the perception of the elected officials, who pledge never-ending support for Israel, as long as it earns them the support of American Jewish voters. His letter from the May 13 Issue of the Yemen Times demonstrates his own religious zealousness – or lack thereof – and has no bearing in fact.
Moreover, the American people have been seen to be very favorable toward the Palestinian cause, from time to time. The incredibly harsh treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government has several times, in recent years, demonstrated a slight turn in U.S. policy. However, the terrorist actions of Hammas and similar savage groups, bombing pizza shops and other areas frequented not by military, but by teenagers and children, have destroyed any support the Arabs might otherwise have enjoyed.
The same can be said for the current situation in Iraq. The treatment of Iraqi prisoners is disgusting, and the perpetrators should and will be harshly punished. This is not the kind of behaviour the American people support, in any way. But the murder of Nick Berg, who was in no way part of the U.S. military, government or intelligence apparatus, will destroy any advantage the those opposed to the U.S. could have obtained.
The Arabs are once again viewed by the West as savages, without moral fiber, and just one notch above animals. And Islam suffers even more, when the murder of such an innocent (though ignorant) puppet, like Nick Berg, is conducted in the name of Allah.