Jerusalem: a must for Palestine [Archives:2005/813/Letters to the Editor]

February 3 2005

Chris Molling
[email protected]

I thank Yemen Times writers for making the point that conceding to the Palestinian claim to part of Jerusalem is not tied to a particular Palestinian leader. Jerusalem is as necessary to a Palestinian state as water is to someone thirsty. So why does Israel seldom talk about this eventuality? Could it be because Israel does not really accept a future Palestinian state? Israel in its arrogance does not realize that its national moral underpinning is becoming more and more corrupt. Israel dissimulates and prevaricates and apparently does not understand how urgently it needs to give the Palestinian their state with Jerusalem.

The Zionist imperative to not treat Palestinians as real people but as trespassers has acted as a cancer rotting the Israeli character. Tyranny poisons the tyrant more than the oppressed. Jerusalem will always belong to Judaism, Christianity and Muslims. Jerusalem does not need Israel's permission to also be the capitol of a Palestinian state.

I would also like to commend Hassan Al-Haifi for his recent article entitled 'Numbers Don't Matter'. That was another thought-provoking article! Congratulations!

I would like to add a few comments, however. Once the Soviet Union fell apart, the United States was left alone in the international jungle without a natural predator. The US was the king of the jungle. As happens, prosperous nations and peoples interpret their wealth as a divine decree of superiority over the rest of mankind. Decisions based on reason or arrogance all were made with little to no circumspection. After all, the US is king of the jungle. But then some band of no name “misfits” dared to attack the king.

The attack shattered the invincibility of the king. Then the decisions of the US were even more inscrutable and less circumspect. The king flailed in the dark at a faceless and nameless enemy. He got into armed conflict that mixed Zionistic support, oil control and British Empire overtones with a poor, third world country. The US made this decision in folly and defends this decision in folly. Being king of the jungle is hard work, especially when he is new at it and makes decisions by being a bully.