JMP: dialogue with ruling party can end current political tensions [Archives:2007/1053/Local News]

May 21 2007

SANA'A, May 23 ) Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) considered President Ali Abdullah Saleh's call for a comprehensive national dialogue during the 17th anniversary of Yemen's Reunification to be the only way out of the current political tensions.

In a press statement issued after a JMP extra-ordinary meeting last Tuesday, The Higher Council of the Joint Meeting Parties discussed the political developments, mainly President Saleh's call for a national dialogue. It pointed out they called more than once for such a dialogue and warned of the social, security and economic intricacies if the tension continues to be ignored.

The council also stressed the importance of conducting a national dialogue with the objective of creating political partnership, hinting a real democratic transformation demands remembering the lessons of the early national dialogues between 1990 to 94.

On the eve of reunification anniversary, President Saleh called all acting political parties to conduct a responsible dialogue about all issues that concern the country and its future, assuring the dialogue will be followed up by him.

Deputy Secretary General of Popular Forces Union Party Dr. Mohammed Al-Mutawkel denounced the threat by some government officials and ruling party members to solving the Popular Forces Union Party.

Al-Mutawkel told Yemen Times that taking such a step [solving the party] is not new and that the regime has made similar steps previously; It has 'manufactured' earlier two parties and halted the publication of Al-Shoura newspaper, and more recently blocked the party's website.

He added that “what is surprising is that the government's allegations that there are cases of fraud in the party's accounts were not announced earlier