Job security is needed [Archives:2005/827/Letters to the Editor]

March 24 2005

Ali Yousef Al-Sharif

In the commercial field, the private sectors has a larger role to play in the country's development process.

There should be legislative measures to enforce job security. But as observed, today, the young generations are striving to get jobs in the wake of an unemployment crisis. Yet the facts is that this new blood will shape our future.

They have to be accommodated in the system objectively. They should be put in a proper environment in the places of work, with security and career advancement opportunities to ensure growth prospects.

Whenever possible preference should be given to nationals to take more senior positions than non-nationals.

Whenever management remains partly or fully in the hands of non-nationals, I am afraid this is counter productive.

Yemen's human resources are the tools for a brighter future, and progress of the country is imperative in ensuring national goals.