Jordan’s exemplary choice [Archives:2005/815/Reportage]

February 10 2005

Since the current King of Jordan assumed his constitutional authority in 1999, Jordan has witnessed considerable growth in all the different fields. In short, Jordan has become a model to be emulated by all the countries of the world, in general and the states of the region, in particular.

Many have come to notice that His Majesty King Abdullah undertakes policies that are different from those adhered to by other regimes. An Arab journalist once remarked that Jordan has come to be the exception to the rule followed in the rest of the countries of the Arab World in managing its internal affairs, in introducing reforms and reinforcing democratic rule. HM has realized many of the human hopes, favorable acts and dignifying deeds in dispersed areas of the nation and his field visits to the rural, remote and poorest regions continued earnestly. He has also distributed housing for the poor and the needy, ascertaining that real development must begin at the grass roots level and that good leadership should be the effective tool for propelling the journey towards development forward.

Notwithstanding the difficult circumstances and challenges faced by Jordan, with its limited means and administrative capabilities, King Abdullah has given the political, economic and social reform process special priority, in order to help Jordanians achieve their desires and aspirations for building a truly modern state – a state of institutions and law and a just and equitable society. He also was committed to convening a series of dialogue sessions with the people of his country from all the different strata of society in the Universities and in forums, because he is convinced that a targeted meaningful dialogue is one of his primary pillars for the development and the resurgence of Jordan. Perhaps the economic growth, reduction in the rates of unemployment and poverty and the rise in domestic and foreign investments recently witnessed by Jordan are the most apparent indicators of this. The Jordanian economy has realized strong growth at a rate of 7.5%, per annum which was accompanied by a reduction of unemployment from 14% to 9% and an expansion of investment over the previous year by 30%.

Most analysts attribute the success of Jordan in this area to the distinctive geographical position of Jordan, as well as the security and stability factor enjoyed by Jordan under absolute transparency. For the first time in Jordan's history a senior security official judicial officials were brought to trial for corruption. All these achievements have made Jordan an attractive investment center. The King has also exerted all efforts to enter into trade agreements that will bring benefits to his people whether they live in the rural areas, nomadic habitats, camps and cities.

Externally, HM made sure that effective relations are maintained that work towards bringing the world together. He also has not refrained from supporting the Arabs and standing by their side in all the issues confronting the Arab World, especially the Palestinian and Iraqi situations. HM was also not hesitant to send Jordanian Armed Forces personnel as part of UN peace keeping forces, so that Jordan becomes considered a primary participant in calming down numerous centers of tension throughout the world.