Journalists call for their syndicate’s political neutrality [Archives:2006/961/Local News]

July 3 2006

ADEN, July 4 ) Journalists from Aden, Lahj, and Abyan discussed last Tuesday the situation of their syndicate currently enduring hard times because of irresponsible actions of the partisan group that controls the council of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS). According to them, the syndicate has gone far beyond the norms of journalism from issues concerning membership to financial corruption.

The journalists discussed the fate of their syndicate and reviewed the dossiers on candidates for position of chairman. They stressed the importance of transforming the extraordinary meeting planed to be held on July 12 into an occasion to rebuild the syndicate in light of resolutions issued at the Third General Conference.

The news syndicate failed to recognize these resolutions, evoking the wrath of journalists across Yemen. Afterwards, journalists demanded the syndicate represent all Yemeni journalists in the future. They demanded that the syndicate be rebuilt on democratic principles with guarantees to ensure that corruption is limited. The group suggested creating a committee for control and inspection.

The group further asked that the syndicate not be politicized, saying that it should be free from political influence. The meeting issued a statement that called for broader discussions during the extraordinary meeting July 12 not limited to the syndicate's election of a chairman. Examples of issues that the group called for discussion over include the expansion of the authority of local branches and the distribution of the central budget according to the number of members and activities at each branch.

A reliable source at the YJS belittled the importance of the statement as the meeting had not held at the YJS branch in Aden. The source said that, “It was made by a group of journalists, with an aim of targeting YJS,” in an attempt to taint the organization.