Journalists caravan visits Taiz [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

Taiz, 6 Oct._ The first journalists caravan of its kind has arrived in Taiz on the fifth of this month after starting up from Aden on a tour of the republic.
The caravan is lead by head of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Aden Branch Mr. Wathiq Shathili and accompanied by a number of journalists. The purpose of this initiative is to tour the country and become aware of details of its economic, social, cultural, political tc aspects. During the Taiz tour, the group visited a number of the tourist locations and became acquainted with different national factories.
In the statement by Mr. Shathili to the Yemen Times, he said: “The high level that industry has reached in our country in quality and standards deserves praise from us and support. And I call on consumers, government and the media to encourage the national industry and production which form the basis for development of our country. We have to appreciate the role this industry does especially the fact that it provides jobs for thousands of employees inside and outside the country, such as the Hael Saeed Group that accommodates more than 15 thousand workers in Yemen and five thousands abroad.
At the end of the caravan's tour of Taiz, al-Saeed Establishment for Science and Culture organized a press conference in which many questions and concerns about the national industries have been put forward and answered by Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hael deputy manager of the Industrial Management of the Hael Saeed Ana'am Group.