Journalists’ Sheikh Honored [Archives:2001/25/Local News]

June 18 2001

Yemeni journalists’ sheikh Saleh Dahan was honored last week in the headquarters of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS). Mr. Saleh was awarded the coat of arms of the syndicate on the occasion of the Yemeni Press Day on June 9.
The honoring ceremony was attended by a number of media people and Mr. Ahmad Nasser al-Hamati, Information Ministry deputy for TV and radio affairs. Mr. Saleh is looked upon as one of the outstanding journalists in Yemen.
On the other hand, the general secretariat of the Arab Press Prize, based in Dubai Club for Press, launched the second round of written Arab Press Prizes to be awarded to Arab journalists to give them an opportunity to show excellence in the field of journalism.
Yemeni Journalists Syndicate called upon journalists to take part in the new competition and submit their work to the syndicate for evaluation.