Judge removed after being convicted of drinking alcohol [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007

SANA'A, April 24 ) In its meeting held on Monday, Supreme Judicial Council headed by Essam Abdulwahab Al-Samawi decided removing a judge from his post after he had been convicted of committing professional mistakes while performing his routine duties and drinking alcohol.

Earlier, the Accountability Council affiliated with Judicial Inspection Authority issued a gentle ruling against the judge, but the Supreme Judicial Council viewed the ruling unmatched with the volume of profession mistakes together with drinking alcohol that is banned under Islamic Shari'a.

The council also reviewed the Ministry of Justice performance over 2006 so as to upgrade the judicial administration, documentation, and inspection. It also discussed establishing appeal division, expanding primary courts, and increasing the number of judges in the courts with density of cases.

It also discussed the Justice Minister's request related to setting up Al-Taizia Primary Court to lessen the density of cases presented in Taiz's East and West Courts.

It is worth mentioning that the Supreme Judicial Council is the only authority in charge of pursuing the performance of judicial authorities which used to be a part of President's duties.