Kana’an Association for Palestine Glorious milestone to reckon with [Archives:2003/632/Reportage]

April 21 2003

Prepared by: A. M. Assabri
& Mohammed al-Masani
Yemen Times Staff

The Kana'an Association for Palestine, KAP is a link to goodness, love and grace originated from Sana'a to Jerusalem.
Since its establishment on April 17, 2002, the KAP has proved to be an active institution to support the Palestine people and to defend their plundered rights using all means possible.

As an international organization, the KAP has opened its doors for those who indeed believe in the Palestine right from all nationalities in the world.
Since its establishment, the KAP has ensured multi-national members including, Yemenis, Arabs, and foreigners.

KAP's set-up
The KAP has thoroughly taken an interest on the specialization work systems and on an accurate division for tasks.
A number of sub-committees have been set up with the aim of achieving proficiency to perform its dues as well as its noble objectives in a complete manner:
1- Martyr's' Sons Care & Orphans Committee.
2- Cultural & Social Affairs Committee.
3- Boycotting Israeli Products Committee and companies which support Israel.
4- Palestine Promotion Products Committee for Supporting the Palestine Economy.
5- Media Committee.
6- KAP's Internet Website Committee, “www.kanaanup.org”.
7- Technical Translation Office.
8- Political Committee.
9- Palestinian Students Committee.

KAP's main activities
Despite that the KAP has been newly established, its enthusiastic and conscientious members have left no stone unturned to cover a lot of activities in all aspects for the benefit of their Arab national issues.

KAP's main political activities
The KAP hasn't only restricted itself within its social context, or its reality, but also it has made use of that reality.
This is because, the KAP has gone ahead from a country where the official stance is parallel to the mass' stance.
This has greatly influenced the KAP's great success to perform its duties in a complete manner which manifests itself through supporting the legal right of Palestine.
For getting this tendency moving, the KAP has spared no efforts to support Jeneen Donation Campaign for the Palestine people.
Jeneen Donation Campaign initiative has been first adopted by the political leadership.
The administrative board decision has placed great emphasis on the necessity to respond with Jeneen Donation Campaign which has reached the unified treasury for the Palestinian National Authority.

KAP's main activities in all aspects
On the light of that, the KAP has broadened its horizons and a focus of the attention has not been only attentively paid on enlarging the social care services. Other vital issues on political, sport, youth, cultural and economical field have become more apparent.
At the commercial level, the Palestinian-Yemen Businessmen Meeting was organized by the KAP with the aim of enlarging joint investment fields between the two countries.
The president's decree to exempt the Palestinian products and goods and tax revenues from custom duties have been hailed and closely followed up by the KAP.
This has been achieved in collaboration with concerned governmental bodies. The president's decree has since then become valid in all the custom outlets affiliated to the republic of Yemen.
That is not only enough, the KAP organized a televised dialogue symposium covered by different local, Arabs, and foreign media on the occasion of the Earth's Palestinian Day on March 30, 2003.
The dialogue symposium was titled, “Palestine for Palestine, Our Land, Our Right, and An Emblem of Our Dignity,”.
A host of eminent professors from Sana'a University who specialized in all social, economical, and political fields attended that event.
The symposium aimed basically at shedding light on that Sana'a has called the Arab countries to follow the Yemen's proposal to open their markets for the Palestinian products without any laid conditions.
The KAP's strong determination hasn't ended here.
A statement has been also issued in both languages, English and Arabic to boycott the Israeli products.
It also has urged the countries of the world to a take a similar step.
At youth and sport level, the KAP has supported the Palestinian National Grown-ups Team bellow 17 years during the 10th Asian Football Championship hosted by out Yemen.
Since that time, sport facilities and equipment to its technical apparatus and its team has been fully provided the KAP.
The KAP's main activities to the Palestinians are praiseworthy.
It spares no efforts to push its youths ahead to support the Palestinian football team as if it played in its country.
This has positively reflected upon the Palestinian players and its participation has shifted from an honest team to a victorious team that desires to win the first place.
The team has already achieved its ambitions and won the third place with different Arab teams, such as, Yemen, Kuwait, Palestine and Bahrain.
At the social level, the KAP has taken an interest with regard to offering the social care services for the Palestinian students at the Yemeni universities and those who come from the occupied land.
Around 49 cases who study at 9 different universities have been successfully tackled at an overall cost estimated at YR. 909.285.
Academic fellowships granted
As a result of the availability of cases which are in need of tackling due to the increase of its costs, the KAP has done its best to find an educational institution to cover such cases.
Fellowship grants has been activated and a special institutional effect has been adopted where the Palestinian students have greatly made use of.
The fellowship grants are known today as the President's Fellowship Grants for Palestinian Students.
At the logistic support level, the KAP has sent a cargo in specie to our brothers in Palestine.
The cargo contains medicine supplies and clothes estimated at YR. 5 million. Those aids have been collected from the medicine companies operated in Yemen and from other businessmen and philanthropists where the KAP has owed a debt of gratitude for them.
At the political level, the KAP hasn't stopped to offer the social and logistic services for the Palestinian people, but it has made its voice heard at the political arena which has expressed its stance openly.
This has manifested itself in its website where inhuman practices practiced by the Zionist terrorist entity in the land of peace has been openly disclosed .
When the peace process got deteriorated in the Mideast and the practices executed by the US, (the only sponsor for the peace process and the so-called the New World Order), to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a clear testimony of its siding with Israel.
The KAP is one of the forerunners to respond with that global event.
As a result, a solidarity festival was organized by the KAP titled, “Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Palestine,'.
The festival was held on October 10 2002.
A number active political and civil institutions took part during the event.
An organized mass response was recorded against that unfair decision.
Two international messages were sent, the first one was to Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General and the second was sent to the US foreign minister, Colin Powell considering him as the US peace process sponsor representative.
Participants demanded an obvious official explanation from the US government and from the United Nations.
The decision set a dangerous precedent in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular and in the history of the international relations in general.